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1.What are the advantages of travelling in VRL Travels?
- Known for Punctual Service  / Safety & comfortable journey
- Variety of buses to choose
- Huge network of Agents
- Relief bus facility
- More than 350 schedules a day
- Well known for time management
- Preferred travel operator of single lady travelers.
- CC Cameras in selected buses for safety of passengers & their belongings
- Double Drivers on board
- 24x7 Customer Care.

2.What are the benefits of booking tickets through VRL website ?
By Registering to our portal passenger will get facilities like Discounts, Ticket Cancellations & Unlimited Ticket Prints etc..

3.Do I need to register to use VRL website ?
- We have provided two type of booking through online as Guest user & Registered user (login compulsory).
- Under Guest user only ticket can be booked as some of the passenger avoid the routine procedure of logging in.
- Under Registered user (login compulsory) Option provided to review your booking details with numbers of ticket prints & option of cancelling the tickets.

4.Does booking online cost me more?
- No. The fare will be same but you will be benefited by discount offers.


1.Is it mandatory to take a printout of the ticket?
For journey purpose ticket copy is not mandatory & passenger can show sms & ID proof for journey.

2.What is an mTicket?
Confirmation sms will be sent to the passenger immediately on booking the ticket which can be shown at the time of journey.

3.I didn’t receive my mTicket. Can you re-send it?
Confirmation sms will be resent to the respective cell phone number updated in the ticket.

4.I entered the wrong mobile number while booking. Can I get my mTicket on a different number?
Contact Customer Care or interact through mail to

5.Can I get soft copy ticket after journey for office claim?
Passenger has to send mail to for soft copy of the ticket for claim purpose.

6.Why are different seats priced differently in the same bus?
Seats highlighted with high fare are considered as premium seats.

7.Why is it mandatory to provide my mobile number during booking the ticket(s)?
Yes. Mobile number is collected to provide you the information such as M-ticket, vehicle number & any other updates related to the schedule.

8.I have not received the tickets to my email id, what do I do?
Send a mail to

9.Is it mandatory to carry the required identity proofs along with the e-ticket?
ID Proof is must for e-ticket.


1.I have placed a journey details. How much time will it take to hear from you now?
Passenger will be provided information within 5 mins at counter of VRL Travels & for more details contact Customer Care or mail to

2.How many days prior your schedule will be updated for post date journey?
Schedules will be updated 30 days prior of the journey date.

3.Do you have separate seats for Ladies passenger?
Yes. Once single lady seat is booked in seater coaches, adjacent seat will be allotted to lady traveler only.

4.Do you have half ticket charges for childrens?
No.  Child above 3 years will be charged full ticket fare.

5.Can the ticket be transferred to another passenger?
No.  The ticket is valid for the particular journey to which it is issued & Tickets are not transferable.

6.Do you have phone booking?
No.  Reservation will not be done on phone call. Passenger will be provided the information of the nearest booking point.

7.What happens when my schedule/service is cancelled?
Prior intimation will be given to passenger.

8.How fast should I complete the online payment?
Seat selection & details of the passenger should be entered within login session is logged out.


1.Does the owner of the credit card with which the ticket is purchased need to be one of the passengers?
Passenger can book the tickets by using his card for other passengers also.

2.What are the payment options available?
Passenger can book the ticket by Online using Debit/credit card, Net Banking through two gateways Atom Technologies & Tech Process.

3.I don't have a credit card. Can I still buy a bus ticket?
Passenger can book tickets by Online through Debit Card / Net Banking also or visiting our nearest booking office.

4.How does the transaction appear on my card / account statement?
Reference with VRLLOGISTICS & transaction details like TID/MID

5.Is it safe to use my credit card on this site?
VRL website is trusted & safe.

6.How do I get ticket details if my transaction success and seats not confirmed?
Contact Customer Care for proceedings of the transaction.

7.In how many days shall I get my Online transaction refund for failed transaction or success transaction?
Maximum refund period will be 12 – 15 working days.

8.Whom to contact when my transaction is pending?
Contact Customer Care with details of the transaction.

9.What Payment types do you accept ?
Debit card/Credit Card or Net Banking.


1.Can I cancel my ticket online?
Yes. If the ticket is booked under registered user login.

2.How can I cancel my bus ticket online?
For registered user cancellation option is provided in website.

3.How to cancel the ticket when not registered?
Visit our office along with ticket copy & ID proof xerox at least prior to 4 hours of the journey

4.How to do partial cancellation ?
Yes. If the ticket is booked under registered user login cancellation option is provided. If the ticket is booked under Guest User, passenger should visit our local office with proper ID proof & ticket copy.


1.I missed the bus. Do I get a refund?
No refund will be paid.

2.How can I get a refund in case I cancel my ticket?
Ticket cancelled through online will be refunded through online & ticket cancelled at the counter will be refunded on spot.

3.How do I get refund  for cancellation of ticket done through online?
Refund will be processed to the same A/C / mode of payment done for booking the ticket.

4.In case of Bus breakdown will I get refund?
Due to breakdown proportionate refund of fare will be allowed in case no alternate arrangement is made.


1.How does your boarding process work?
Passenger should report the boarding point prior 15mins to the journey.


1.What are the rules on Luggage?
Contact Customer Care or Local Branch.


1.What are discount offers?
Log on to our VRL website for discount offers.


1.What if I have additional questions?
Contact Customer Care.